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Our Team

B2BCBD.us specializes assisting contract manufacturers and independent nutraceutical brands in the Personal Health, Wellness, Beauty & Pet product categories. Our friendly and knowlegible team is ready to assist in product formulation, labelling, and export considerations related to both CBD-A and THC-A green oils and isolates. B2BCBD.us can additionally integrate (mix) CBD isolate into sugar (such as icing) allowing the CBD to be safely exported worldwide.

Brian Horakh

APAC Sales

Melbourne, Australia

Fabio Checchin

VP Worldwide Sales

Airstream, USA

Margaret Woodfield


Airstream, USA

What we do

Product Strategy

B2BCBD has prepared a variety of materials to assist companies with planning their CBD formulation and marketing label strategy. This includes labeling guidelines and dosage sizes.

Biomass Acquisition

We bulk-purchase high-quality pesticide free organic Cannabis Ruderalias from US based farmers and brokers for production into CBD Distillate Oil and CBD Isolate Powder.

CBD Isolate Powder & Distillate Oil

We utilize USA based bonded and insured contract manufacturing laboratories who perform supercritical extraction which produces the highest quality CBD Isolate Powder and Distillate Oil.

Worldwide Delivery

Our CBD Isolate powder is water solutable and contains zero THC so it can be shipped worldwide via UPS and DHL to manufacturer of products in the Consumable Health & Wellness, Beauty and Skincare, and Pet (Canine, Feline, and Equine) product categories. **Legality of Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Oil varies by Region.

Sugar Encapsulation

Simply: CBD pre-mixed into sugar. International Export of CBD can be greatly simplified by encapsulating CBD into other commodties such as sugar. Import restrictions vary by country; but having the option to encapsulate the CBD into a sugar also causes a dilution of the CBD into pre-allocated dosages. Sugar can be processed into cubes, crystals, rolled into balls, flakes, or placed in icing tubes.

Supplier Sourcing

B2BCBD.us deals exclusively with contract manufacturers. We do not create our own end-retail product formulations. We do offer 100% nutraceutical supplement, beauty, pet, and candy products are made by our clients which contain B2BCBD.us trusted quality CBD Isolate and VGO into the global product distribution networks.

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